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Honoring the cherished memory of a loved one, the birth of a child, a wedding day or any other joyous affair is among the greatest pleasures of life. Each occasion is ideal for preserving the day in the form of a keepsake to be shared and enjoyed for generations to come. We use your own flowers from a wedding, engagement, anniversary, birthday, retirement or any sentimental occasion, which we form into beads that are used to create the beautiful jewelry for you to keep that memory near and dear to you forever.

What better way to commemorate these endearing occasions than with the symbol of love and beauty, the rose. The tradition of using rose petals and forming them into rosary beads dates back several centuries to Medieval Europe where it was initiated and perfected in the monasteries of France, Italy, and Spain.

In keeping with traditions of the past we still individually hand roll each bead made from the rose petals you provide from your own special occasion.

In addition, we at Yvonne’s Unique Creations have combined today’s new products and advanced technologies with the old techniques to develop more durable and more beautiful beads. Beads that are lovely enough to fashion into unique pieces of jewelry in an array of blooming hues.

The specialized result is a one-of-a-kind memorable “heirloom”. The perfect way to preserve the memory of a special person or a special moment in time.

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